St. Paul Cathedral

By Elizabeth Logan

December 2019

Inside St. Paul Cathedral
St. Paul Cathedral’s extravagant interior.

The St. Paul Cathedral, located in the heart of Oakland, remains one of the largest and most well-known Catholic churches in Pennsylvania. Located in the cities’ cultural hub, the church receives thousands of visitors a month. Each week the church has seven Eucharist services, five of them being on Sunday. To Pittsburgh, the St. Paul Cathedral remains one of the most culturally immersive centers, welcoming everyone throughout the community.  

Gothic Cathedral
St. Paul Cathedral’s gothic exterior.

The St. Paul Cathedral is the mother church to the Roman Catholic Diocese in Pittsburgh. It was established in 1834 as the official cathedral (it was originally named, St. Paul Church). The initial location of the Cathedral was on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Grant Street, but as residence shifted from Downtown to other places in Pittsburgh, the Cathedral was eventually moved to Fifth Avenue in Oakland around 1906. The original construction of this new Cathedral amassed around 1.1 million dollars, plus the cost of the land itself. It was built by Thomas Reilly, a contractor from Philadelphia. The new Cathedral mirrored a gothic and decorated style of the 14th century.

The St. Paul Cathedral serves as an important historical and religious landmark that continues to host and welcome everyone from the community. Its location in the center of Oakland, allowing students to study its unique history and marvel at its detailed architecture. 

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