The Pauline Hanauer Rosenberg Residence

The Pauline Hanauer Rosenberg Home sits idly at 417 Lockhart Street in the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in what was originally known as Deutschtown. The home is most notably known for one of its most preeminent residents, Pauline Hanauer Rosenberg. While Mrs. Rosenberg was in residence, the home served as a conduit for many transformative social events and connections within the Jewish community.

Pittsburgh Platform

The Pittsburgh Platform, which was written and signed in Pittsburgh in 1885, is a document that outlines eight principles of Reform Judaism that were agreed upon by rabbis at the Pittsburgh Conference. The Reform Movement is a liberal denomination of Judaism and has a rich history in the city of Pittsburgh.

Greer Lankton Shrines

“It’s all about ME, Not You” is a permanent installation by Greer Lankton at the Mattress Factory in the North Side. A recreation of the artist’s own apartment, the exhibit feature multiple shrines to feminine icons and Jesus. Though some objects appeared in previous artworks, the full installation was initially displayed at the Mattress Factory shortly after her death in 1996 and later re-installed at the museum in 2009.

Heinz Field

Heinz Field (or Heinz Stadium) is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s North Shore, and is regarded by many Pittsburgh residents—“Yinzers”—as a central part of the city’s identity. The city of Pittsburgh has always taken a lot of pride in the Steelers. Nearly 70,000 people make the journey to Heinz Field to support the Steelers on Sundays. Most people in attendance at Heinz Field think that they are there simply to watch a football game, but the Heinz Field experience involves much more than just football.

Raphael Madonna-$6.99

Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol became a household name in the early 1960s as an artist with unmatched celebrity. He was the leader of a new artistic movement called Pop Art that he popularized after moving to New York in 1949. This artistic style challenged traditional perceptions of fine art, focusing on non-glamorous subject material.

The Immaculate Reception Monument

The Immaculate Reception was the result of an unexpected catch by now Steeler legend, Franco Harris. The phrase is a pun in regard to the birth of Virgin Mary, “The Immaculate Conception.”