Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh

All of Quaker life and belief is centered around six Quaker testimonies. Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship––also known by its acronym, “SPICE”––are the intrinsic values that dictate the lives of Quakers. When visiting the Religious Society of Friends of Pittsburgh meeting house and exploring deeper into their history, each testimony was exemplified

St. Paul Cathedral

The St. Paul Cathedral, located in the heart of Oakland, remains one of the largest and most well-known Catholic churches in Pennsylvania.

The Irish Room

The Irish Room represents an oratory, a small chapel used especially for private worship. The design of this oratory represents one of the 12th century, which is a period of intense religious fervor for Christianity.

Raphael Madonna-$6.99

Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol became a household name in the early 1960s as an artist with unmatched celebrity. He was the leader of a new artistic movement called Pop Art that he popularized after moving to New York in 1949. This artistic style challenged traditional perceptions of fine art, focusing on non-glamorous subject material.